EdTech learning platform Your Favourite Teacher raises investment

July 21, 2020

To fund its expansion, EdTech learning platform Your Favourite Teacher is raising capital through private equity firm Growthdeck

EdTech learning platform Your Favourite Teacher raises investment

Your Favourite Teacher is an online EdTech learning platform that exists to help students prepare for GCSE examinations.  It currently employs six teachers and a team of content creators.  The investment from Growthdeck will provide Your Favourite Teacher with access to capital to fund its expansion.  The business was founded by Kate Meeks who currently serves as the Managing Director of the company.  Her goals are to reduce staff workload, provide students with access to high quality resources and help students achieve good results.

Growthdeck is a private equity investment firm that invests in a range of sectors.  The investment in Your Favourite Teacher reflects its desire to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  It believes there will continue to be an acceleration in the adoption of remote learning for the foreseeable future.  The investment would qualify for tax breaks under an Enterprise Investment Scheme.

The number of users on the Your Favourite Teacher platform almost doubled between February and June.  Course offerings currently include GCSE Maths, English Language and English Literature and pricing ranges from £15.99/month for an individual course up to £249 per annum for a complete bundle.  Using the investment Your Favourite Teacher will aim to further diversify the content it produces to incorporate automated marking and gamification through badges, coins and certificates.

“ High net worth investors should be looking for opportunities to back businesses that can meet new coronavirus-driven needs. That’s why we’re backing YFT…Remote learning started 2020 as the smart option for forward-thinking schools. It has very quickly become an essential tool for every school…” Shaz Hussain, Investment Director, Growthdeck

More information on Your Favourite Teacher can be accessed here: https://yourfavouriteteacher.com/about-us/

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