EdTech Report 2021 – Promethean

January 24, 2021

EdTech Report 2021 - Promethean

EdTech report 2021: The State of Technology in Education 2020/21 by Promethean

Promethean’s EdTech report 2021 identifies that the use of and importance of EdTech is on the rise.  The report is broken down into the following sections: Strategy, Tech use, Training, School budgets and Future trends.  The Strategy section identifies that EdTech is now a priority for almost 40% of schools.  86% of respondents think that EdTech should be used within regular teaching practice.  23% hold the view that the emphasis on EdTech training has fallen over the last five years.  13% more respondents believe that money is being wisely invested when purchasing EdTech tools.  Finally, only 25% of educators believe that EdTech will have a positive impact on student learning in the coming years.


80% teachers believe EdTech improves learning

EdTech Report 2021 Key Findings

29% of schools see the value in EdTech as a way of engaging learners

79% of teachers view EdTech as something that can help them do their job more effectively

EdTech training has continued to drop with only 1% considering their training to be adequate

81% of IT Managers believe that there isn’t enough funding for EdTech

90% believe technology and education should be interconnected 


A survey was distributed to over 2000 teachers in the UK and Ireland.  The responses provided all the necessary data to compile the report.

The report also factors in the impact of Covid-19 on teaching and learning.  Everyone polled recognised the importance of EdTech communication tools and the inadequacy of the tools provided by schools at the outset of the pandemic.  Teachers also indicated that they are excited about using tools such as Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.

You can read more about EdTech here: https://global-edtech.com/edtech-definitions-products-and-trends/

“ Using technology to engage pupils and boost collaboration has jumped up this year, but updating technology and providing technology training has significantly dropped…” The State of Technology in Education 2020/21, Promethean