Remote learning platform Otter for Education experiences rapid growth

July 22, 2020

Otter for Education, a remote learning platform, has experienced rapid growth throughout Covid-19

Remote learning platform Otter for Education experiences rapid growth

Remote learning platform Otter for Education has revealed that the number of universities and community colleges using its platform has continued to increase throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.  Using video conferencing software such as Zoom, over 100,000 students are able to collaborate interactively using live comments and search lecture notes efficiently using keywords.  Various university institutions are using the platform including California State University and Columbia University in the US and Warwick Business School in the UK.

“ Learning at CSU is evolving quickly due to the current environment. With this full rollout of Otter’s technology, our faculty can now capture and share lecture notes in real-time with their students… With the fall semester just around the corner, our aim is to empower our faculty to help all students to get a better learning experience and we also want our students to access our changing learning environment in a way that’s most efficient and effective for them. ” Jeremy Olguin, Accessible Technology Manager, CSU

Founded in 2018, utilises AI to generate rich notes that can be searched and safely stored.  The software was created by the CEO and founder, Sam Liang, alongside a team of industry professionals that have previously worked for Google, Facebook, Nuance and Yahoo. incorporates automated speech recognition and speaker separation (diarization) within its algorithms.

“ COVID-19 has challenged universities to fundamentally reexamine how their students learn, with remote learning creating a new frontier for their educators… Otter for Education is at the forefront of this and is creating new ways of learning. Otter lecture notes add huge educational value, by building increased engagement and collaboration between teachers, and students. Ultimately, we believe it improves students’ abilities to learn ” Sam Liang, CEO, and Co-Founder,

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