Indonesia: EdTech Report – World Bank Group

May 27, 2020

Indonesia: EdTech Report – World Bank Group


The World Bank Group (with funding support from the Australian Government) has published a report on the state of EdTech in Indonesia.  Investors believe that there is considerable potential for growth in the industry despite the report identifying that educational attainment in the country remains low.  Barriers to adoption (described as bottlenecks) include both supply side and demand side factors.  The major supply side challenges include funding, marginal costs and recruitment.  Inadequate infrastructure, a lack of digital skills and a resistance to pay are cited as the major demand side factors.


EdTech firms generating revenues

  • Publicly available data
  • Information collected via an online questionnaire completed by 29 EdTech players
  • 18 structured, in-depth faceto-face interviews (F2F)
  • Consultation on preliminary findings and recommendations
Solutions to Bottlenecks
  • Set data privacy and security standards
  • Forge partnerships between academia and government
  • Develop the IT infrastructure in the country
  • Improve trust between customers and suppliers
  • Build a better collaboration between the public and private sectors

EdTech firms in Indonesia are producing a wide variety of products.  Notable examples include Harukaedu (a university degree portal), Ruangguru (an online learning portal for elementary students) and Cakap by Squline (a language learning portal).  The report identifies that these products are not targeting gaps in core subjects such as maths, language and science.

You can read more about EdTech here:

“ The findings reveal that the Indonesian EdTech sector is starting to catch up with the global frontier, and with growth of similar platforms, such as Harukaedu (a platform offering online university degrees), Ruangguru (an interactive e-learning platform for K-12 students in Indonesia) and Cakap by Squline (a tutoring platform for language learning), but overall the sector is still in its infancy. ” EdTech in Indonesia – Ready for take-off? May 2020 World Bank Group