Irish EdTech firm VR Education partners with Tokyo Global Gateway

July 11, 2020

Irish EdTech company VR Education signs a multi-year license pact with Tokyo Global Gateway

Irish EdTech firm VR Education partners with Tokyo Global Gateway

VR Education, an Irish EdTech firm, has signed a deal to license the use of its Engage platform to Tokyo Global Gateway (TGG).  TGG, launched by The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education (TBoE), is a facility where students from elementary up to high school can meet and learn English.  Using Engage, TGG hopes to provide students and corporate clients with the opportunity to practice speaking English in everyday situations which are simulated using virtual reality.

Key features of the Engage platform include:

  • The ability to connect up to 50 remote users
  • Option to include 3D objects
  • 21+ virtual locations
  • Media streaming capabilities
  • Facility to create presentations

In addition to the Engage platform, showcase educational experiences include the sinking of the Titanic and immersive experiences relating to events from WW2.

“ In light of the COVID-19 crisis and growing pressures on education systems across the globe, this multi-year enterprise agreement, which has been secured in line with management expectations, shows the strong and growing demand for ENGAGE’s unique offering in the education, technology and XR space… ” David Whelan, Chief Executive Officer

Earlier in the month VR Education signed a memorandum of understanding with Virtual College.  Virtual College is an online education provider based in the UK and it plans to use VR within its offering of courses in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The courses cover a variety of fields, including management, health and safety and business studies.

“ This is the first time for children in Japan to learn through VR. The ENGAGE platform will provide Japanese students with new learning experiences, new surprises, and even greater curiosity… ” Shoichiro Taniguchi, TGG Chief Development Officer

VR Education is currently listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and on the Enterprise Securities Market.

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