Day 13 – Appvent23 – ExamSolutions

December 13, 2023

Day 13 - Appvent23

Welcome to day thirteen of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on a tool that supports learning for students studying STEM subjects!

Exam Solutions Day Thirteen Reveal

As you’ll have read on the previous day’s posts, with the furore around the usefulness of AI within EdTech, we decided this year to focus our Appvent calendar on AI with a #24DaysOfAI event. For all the conversations and shares on the calendar, please check out the hashtag on LinkedIn and X/Twitter.

Our AI tool of the day:

ExamSolutions is a great platform for those seeking to support their learning beyond the classroom in STEM subjects.

Different exam boards are covered too such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and CIE with access to many of their past papers and mark schemes making it a great one-stop-shop resource for students and teachers alike.

Exam Solutions screengrab 1

Educational Benefits:

Once on the platform, you can access their lessons and tutorials for free, but with a paid account you can access their AI tutor.

With the support of their AI study buddy, “Exams Solutions AI”, you receive personalised support, instant feedback, and tailored practice opportunities.

Exam Solutions screengrab 2

Practical Application:

As this isn’t a tool for the classroom, for teachers you might like to consider accessing the free courses and signposting different opportunities on the site for additional learning for your students.

Alternatively, if your students are seeking a tutor to support their learning beyond the classroom, you might like to recommend the platform to them. ExamSolutions claim that 95% of their students achieve grades A to B in their exams.

Considerations and Tips:

When integrating any new tool into our educational environment, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate its application scenarios and the nature of the data it will handle. Before adopting or making any recommendation, consult your Data Protection Officer (as we are sure you always do) to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment, helping to guarantee compliance and safeguarding before its implementation.

Learn more about ExamSolutions by visiting their website or check out their social media here.

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