Day 12 – Appvent23 – Hello History

December 12, 2023

Day 12 - Appvent23

Welcome to day twelve of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on Hello History…

Hello History Day Twelve Reveal

Hello History provides a library of over 400 chatbots aligned to historical figures which students can use to improve their knowledge and understanding of historical events.

AI tool of the day:

Hello History is a real game-changer for any history teachers out there.  With their various chatbot tools, student learning can be personalised and enriched.

Hello History is available for both Android and iOS.  A web version is also available via its parent company Humy.  To gain access to the platform, teachers need to contact Hello History directly via their website.

Educational Benefits:

Having access to trained historical chatbots essentially provides each student with a personalised tutor.  Through conversations, students will deepen their knowledge of people and events, and build understanding and empathy.

In some ways, Hello History has the potential to bring the subject to life for many students as they will feel inspired and motivated to ask thought-provoking questions and try and understand why people behaved the way they did in the past.  It is even possible for students to enter a debate with their character on certain topics.

Practical Application:

History teachers can use these tools within lessons or as part of homework/project-related tasks.

Hello History Screengrab 1

Historical figures are grouped into subjects.  Over 400 chatbots exist on the platform and it is even possible for teachers to create their own in consultation with Hello History.

Links can be sent to students so they can access the chatbots via a web link and don’t need to sign in using an account.

Hello History Screengrab 2

Considerations and Tips:

Each chatbot is trained to keep conversations within the scope of their historical figure.

Under the hood, Hello History uses gpt-4 and is owned by its parent company Humy, which is registered in Sweden.

As is the case for all AI tools, students are encouraged to check responses for bias and accuracy.

Data protection and privacy are also important considerations.

Learn more about Hello History by visiting their website here or by checking out their social media here.

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