Singaporean EdTech company aims to use AI in preschool

March 27, 2020

Ednovation is aiming to personalise learning by introducing AI in preschool and across its group of nurseries

Singaporean EdTech company aims to use AI in preschool

Ednovation operates a chain of 90 nurseries in China and Singapore.  It was recently selected by Enterprise Singapore to join the Scale-up SG programme, gaining a strategic partnership with PwC to develop a growth plan in the coming years.

Dr. Yen, managing director of Ednovation is considering how to implement AI in preschool and across his chain of nurseries.  Through EdnoLand, a research and development subsidiary, a possible pilot study could involve the use of cartoons.  The concept as described in The Business Times Singapore, would involve the use of adaptive algorithms to help with speech development.

Teaching children how to code is already a key part of the Ednovation philosophy and brand.  Through teaching robots how to dance, children that attend Ednovation nurseries develop computational thinking skills such as decomposition and logical thinking.  Some of the students also recently competed in the Singapore National Coding & Robotics Competition.

Whilst technology is high on the agenda, Dr. Yen also realises that it needs to complement important life skills such as teamwork and communication.

“ I think one of the holy grails of AI in education is the ability to personalise learning. Because no matter how low the teacher-student ratio is in the classroom, you can never reach one-to-one…If you can have such a model of different ways of learning math, the different topics and different methods, you can imagine having an intelligent system that can actually help children navigate and learn at their own pace, in their own way. I believe that is the holy grail for AI in education. ” Dr. Richard Yen, Managing Director, Ednovation

As part of its growth plan, Ednovation is considering expanding into other Asian countries such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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