Day 14 – Appvent23

December 14, 2023

Day 12 - Appvent23

Welcome to day fourteen of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on is a versatile tool that can be accessed via the web for free. Reveal

AI tool of the day: provides some handy free tools which are very easy to use.  These include Magic ToDo, Formaliser, and Estimator.  

Written and maintained by Bram De Buyser, these tools have been developed to help neurodivergent people that find task organisation difficult or overwhelming.  

Educational Benefits: 

Magic ToDo could be a great tool for any neurodivergent teachers or students.   In fact, it could be beneficial for anyone who would like help breaking down tasks of any sort whether they be educational or otherwise. 

The Formaliser tool could be used by teachers when preparing letters to send to parents as it will automatically convert informal language to formal language.  

Practical Application: 

The great thing about is that it is super easy to use.  For example, if a student needs to write an essay on a topic then MagicToDo can assist.  The student simply needs to enter a prompt e.g. write an essay on biodiversity and with the click of a button a set of tasks are auto-generated. This saves the student a lot of time and headache thinking about what needs to be done.  Those tasks can be further broken down using the AI tool and ticked off when completed. screengrab 1

The Formaliser tool is also very simple to use.  Firstly, the text to be converted should be typed in, and then by clicking the convert button it can be formalised.  Other options include the ability to make the text more polite, convert it to bullet points, make grammar improvements, and improve its readability. screengrab 2

The other tools include Estimator and Compiler.  The Estimator is a tool to approximate how long it will take someone to complete a task.  The Compiler aims to provide structure to random ideas.  

Considerations and Tips: 

As is the case for all AI tools, the generated content should be checked for bias and accuracy.

Data protection and privacy are also important considerations.

Learn more about by visiting the website here or by following its developer Bram De Buyser on social media here

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