Day 02 – Appvent23 – MagicSchool
Day 02 - Appvent23

Welcome to day two of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on a wonderful AI tool called MagicSchool. 

Magic School Day Two Reveal

As mentioned yesterday we are using a slightly different approach to the calendar this year calling it “The 24 Days of AI”.

AI tool of the day:

Today’s tool is… MagicSchool.  This fantastic website provides free access to a wide collection of AI tools to save teachers time when performing daily administrative tasks.  It features its chatbot called Raina and an interface of practical AI utilities called Magic Tools.  

Educational Benefits: 

Developed by former principal and teacher, Adeel Khan, MagicSchool can be used by educators for a variety of purposes, including drafting emails, creating lesson plans, developing vocabulary lists, and producing classroom resources.  There are 65 different utilities within the Magic Tools section.  

Practical Application: 

Creating an account is very easy and consists mainly of entering and subsequently verifying an email address.  Teachers can browse the range of tools on offer once signed in.  Each tool provides an opportunity to apply criteria, for example when using the Lesson Plan Generator, you need to select the grade level, the subject matter, an optional additional context, and any standards (US-based).  Once entered you need to simply click Generate and you can then copy the text to use in other applications if desired. 

Considerations and Tips: 

MagicSchool’s knowledge base stops at 2021 which relates to a limitation of ChatGPT.  As with all AI tools, teachers should check for bias and accuracy and fine-tune the prompts to obtain better results.

Everyone using Magic School should read the terms and conditions and privacy policy to avoid any data protection breaches within educational settings.  

Fun features include the ability to build your list of favourite tools and join the MagicSchool AI Pioneers Program.  

Learn more about MagicSchool by visiting their website here or by checking out their social media here

Stay Ahead with AI in Education: 

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