Day 11 – Appvent23 – Opus Clip
Day 11 - Appvent23

Welcome to day eleven of the 2023 Appvent calendar, where today we will focus on a great tool that takes your videos, edits them down to usable bitesize chunks, and adds captions! Today we look at the great little online tool that is,!

Opus Clip Day Eleven Reveal

As you’ll have read on the previous day’s posts, with the furore around the usefulness of AI within EdTech, we decided this year to focus our Appvent calendar on AI with a #24DaysOfAI event. For all the conversations and shares on the calendar, please check out the hashtag on LinkedIn and X/Twitter.

Our AI tool of the day:

As with all good edtech, often, it’s not about having one tool available to you that does many helpful things but having a toolkit of tools that you know exist and can use, when appropriate, to help you with a specific task.

Opus Clip is a cutting-edge AI video tool that transforms long videos into engaging shorter clips. It’s perfect for CPD or other educational videos and is a time-saving game-changer. It has a series of impressive features such as dynamic captions and will re-layout your video into a social media style layout.

Using big data, it analyses video content related to the keywords you enter and repurposes your video into shorter clips framed around those keywords, highlighting key elements from the video you’ve chosen. Here are two examples taken from this original video clip from a documentary about leaving the classroom to work in EdTech taken from a previous episode of the EdTech Show:

Compare the original video to those above. It’s amazing. And it did all of that in under 5 minutes!

Educational Benefits:

The benefits of Opus are most likely not educational. That said, taking long-form video content such as documentaries and interviews and cutting them down into usable, shorter videos that get key messages across with the minimum of effort, means this is a useful tool to add to your teaching toolkit.

Opus Clip screengrab

Practical Application:

Opus clip is a useful tool in the toolkit of teachers, looking to create and share engaging short-form video content with their students.

Opus Clip screengrab 2

From documentaries to CPD recordings, Opus can take long videos and repurpose them into content that is more immediate and usable, all done in a very user-friendly interface.

Considerations and Tips:

As we’ve shared each day, when integrating any new tool into our educational environment, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate its application scenarios and the nature of the data it will handle. With Opus, be sure to make sure you don’t upload any student-recorded content without checking beforehand with your Data Protection Officer (as we are sure you always do) to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment, helping to guarantee compliance and safeguarding before its implementation.

Learn more about Opus clip by visiting their website.

Stay Ahead with AI in Education:

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