Private online school Crimson Global Academy launches in South Africa

July 29, 2020

Crimson Global Academy, a private online school, is accepting enrolment from September 2020

Private online school Crimson Global Academy launches in South Africa

Crimson Education has launched a private online school in South Africa.  It is accepting enrolment from September 2020 and students will have the opportunity to complete GCSE and A-Level courses.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge in demand for online schools.  With headquarters in New Zealand, Crimson Global Academy operates entirely online and follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales.  Enrolment queries have escalated in recent months and Crimson Education is now aiming to capitalise on this opportunity by offering places to students from South Africa, having previously enrolled students from the UK, Russia and New Zealand.

The starting fee per subject is R26,000.  Lessons take place using video-conferencing software and a variety of communication apps to enable students to collaborate.  A variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities are available for students and also the option of studying full-time or part-time.  Since 2003, Crimson Global Academy claims to have helped students from around the world secure 193 Ivy League offers, 57 Oxbridge offers and scholarships in excess of USD$67M.

“ There is a common misconception that studying online can make students feel isolated. With CGA, the opposite is true. Students become part of a globally connected school community that facilitates the sharing of knowledge in a way that isn’t possible through traditional schooling. At the same time, the rigorous curriculum and university-style approach to learning sets students up for success when it comes to university applications in South Africa and abroad” Rebecca Pretorius, Country Manager, Crimson Education South Africa

Students can follow a range of subjects and Pearson Edexcel was selected as the primary curriculum partner.  Other options include the New Zealand Scholarship Examination and the International Olympiad.  More information can be accessed here: