African EdTech fellows announced by The Mastercard Foundation

February 22, 2020

A selection of African EdTech companies have been named by The Mastercard Foundation to advance ICT education in secondary schools

Mastercard African EdTech

Launched in 2018, The Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) is a five year program spearheaded by The Mastercard Foundation with the aim of increasing innovation in secondary school education.

As part of this initiative, a selection of EdTech companies have been chosen to deliver this change. The selection process involved demonstrating a commitment to:

  • Providing professional development opportunities which are practical and affordable
  • Offering learning activities that are enhanced by technology

The twelve selected companies are:

1) O’Genius Priority, Rwanda

O’Genius Panda provides virtual experiments and other materials for schools.

2) iCog Labs, Ethiopia

iCog Labs develops AI solutions and will help students develop coding skills.

3) M-Shule, Kenya

M-Shule offers an adaptive learning platform that works through a mobile phone.

4) The Dr. C.L. Smith Foundation, Kytabu Co. Ltd., Kenya

The Dr. C.L. Smith Foundation is a professional development hub for teachers.

5) Litemore, Kenya

Litemore is a mobile friendly platform that schools and parents can use to monitor progress.

6) Chalkboard Education, Ghana

Chalkboard Education offers a mobile friendly solution to professional development.

7) HITCH, Nigeria

HITCH provides high quality educational videos that teachers can use in classrooms.

8) Siyavula Education, South Africa

Siyavula Education provides a platform for students to complete maths and science online.

9) Instill Education, South Africa

Instill Education is a professional development platform that teachers can access on mobile devices.

10) AkooBooks Audio, Ghana

AkooBooks Audio publishes African audiobooks which are accessible on mobile devices.

11) Eneza Education, Kenya

Eneza Education provides revision and learning resources for African students.

12) Kytabu Co., Kenya

Kytabu Co. is a cloud based school management system.

These companies will receive $40,000 to scale their solutions and potentially reach the pan-African market.  They will also benefit from a mentoring program.

“We’re very proud and excited to have this first group of leading African innovators in EdTech with us,” Joseph Nsengimana, Director of the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT

The Centre has three core functions which are:

1) Foster ICT innovations
2) Share Best Practice and Advance Research
3) Convene Stakeholders

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