Latam EdTech firms plan future growth

August 3, 2020

Latam EdTech firms have experienced a surge in demand during Covid-19 and are developing plans for growth in the region

Latam EdTech firms plan future growth

During the Covid-19 pandemic many Latam EdTech firms witnessed a surge in demand.  Classpert, a Brazilian based online learning platform, recently secured an investment of US$965,000 which it will use to hire new staff and offer additional courses.  Netzun, a Peruvian start-up experienced 750% growth during the first half of this year and is aiming for 900% by the year end.


Founded in 2018, Classpert provides access to more than 220 thousand courses from leading institutions and content providers, including Udemy, Coursera and MIT.  The recent investment was led by Iporanga Ventures, alongside Canary and angel investors, Eduardo Wurzmann (Ibmec Educacional) and Mario Pinheiro (Strategy Concursos).  Quero Educação previously contributed pre-seed capital to help Classpert expand its services.

“ We operate in a market that is inherently global, that is, in a segment that has little regionalization. Today, for us there are not many local barriers. We created Classpert with a very ambitious idea, which is to be a global hub for online courses… ” Felipe Jordão, CEO & Co-Founder, Classpert


Around 30,000 new users subscribe to Netzun each month.  It reports a user base of 270,000 users and offers over 120 courses and inspirational talks through its website.  In the coming months Netzun is hoping to offer additional content in multiple languages in a bid to offer its services internationally and expand in the region.  Netzun is also hoping to attract more public figures to the site.  It currently hosts content from Peruvian celebrities, including Wendy Ramos, Salvador del Solar and Sofía Mulanovich.

“ This growth is due to two factors, the first factor is the new premium content that we have launched this year and the second factor is the situation that has caused a drastic evolution in the e-learning market…” Juan Carlos Solidoro, Co- Founder & CEO, Netzun

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