Indian EdTech startup PlanetSpark receives funding

February 23, 2020

Indian EdTech company PlanetSpark aims to expand its operations following capital investment

Indian EdTech startup PlanetSpark receives pre-Series A funding

Signalling the rapid rise of Indian EdTech, PlanetSpark is aiming to scale up its business operations after successfully receiving pre-Series A funding from three angel investor networks: the Indian Angel Network, Lead Angels and Hyderabad Angels.

The PlanetSpark blended learning platform aims to make education more enjoyable for students than traditional tuition. The platform comprises both worksheets and engaging cross platform digital resources available online and through mobile apps.

The platform contains:

  • 2000+ assessments
  • 1500+ videos
  • 100+ learning games
  • 200+ learning cartoons

These resources cover a range of subject areas and topics including: English, public speaking, robotics, coding, mental maths and STEM.  The content is described as being aligned with the curriculum and is delivered by certified tutors.  As well as using the gamification approach, the resources have been developed using a process known as ‘The STEPS Methodology’.

A free trial class can be booked by entering a phone number which provide access to the following collection of courses:

“Pure online learning through videos is passive and suffers from very poor completion rates. The presence of a dedicated space, time, and a mentor is essential for young kids to learn effectively. Hence, we blend online with an offline experience at our neighbourhood learning spaces where kids can learn academic skills (English, math, science) and 21st century skills (coding, robotics, public speaking etc) in the presence of a qualified teacher. ” PlanetSpark Co-Founder Kunal Malik

The platform also offers a companion parent app so parents can view and monitor their child’s progress and receive personalised reports.

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