North America: CoSN EdTech Report 2020

February 2, 2020

CoSN EdTech Report 2020

Driving K-12 innovation

CoSN has published its EdTech Report 2020 which identifies the key hurdles and accelerators for the education technology industry

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is a professional association of EdTech leaders based in Washington, D.C.  It recently published a report titled: ‘Driving K-12 innovation: 2020 Hurdles and Accelerators’.  The EdTech report 2020 identifies the top 5 hurdles and the top 5 accelerators for the education technology industry.  It also delves deeper into two hurdles: Data Privacy and the Evolution of Teaching & Learning, as well as two accelerators: Data Driven Practices and Social Emotional Learning.

A three stage process was followed to select the hurdles and accelerators:

Stage 1: Survey

A survey was distributed to the Advisory Board which consists of approximately 100 educational leaders, researchers, technologists, and change makers.

Stage 2: Discussion

The topics were discussed in an online forum to narrow the list of hurdles and accelerators from stage 1.

Stage 3: Final Survey

The final list of key hurdles and accelerators was determined through a survey.


Scaling & Sustaining Innovation

Top 5 Hurdles

1. Scaling and Sustaining Innovation

2. Data Privacy & Ownership

3. Evolution of Teaching and Learning

4. Pedagogy vs. Technology Gap

5. Digital Equity

Top 5 Accelerators

1. Learners as Creators

2. Data-Driven Practices

3. Personalization

4. Social and Emotional Learning

5. Building Human Capacity of Leaders

CoSN is a vendor neutral organisation which aims to support education technology leaders through research, professional development and advocacy.  It runs an annual conference which can be accessed here:

“ I hope you use this resource to spark a conversation about innovation in your school system, and encourage you to share this report with your colleagues. Together, we can drive meaningful innovation in K–12 education—and ensure that students are the ultimate benefactors of technology-enriched learning. ” Victor Rivero, Editor-In-Chief, State of EdTech 2020-2021