UK Report: The EdTech Report by RS Components

February 12, 2020

UK EdTech Report RS Components

The EdTech Report: Survey finds that 37% of UK teachers have purchased tech supplies for students.

Electronics supplier RS Components has published an EdTech report based on a snapshot of teacher views and market data.  The information has been obtained from both Crunchbase and a through a survey of 250 teachers from different parts of the UK.  In the first instance, RS Components has deduced that there is a lack of understanding about EdTech and its very meaning.  A lack of training has been identified which is particularly evident in Academy schools.  Northern Ireland is reported as being underfunded and half the teachers surveyed reported a cut in EdTech funding over the past few years.

On a more positive note, the report does find that 79% of the teachers surveyed are using EdTech each day and apps and desktop computers are examples of EdTech that schools have invested in.


Teachers Using Technology Every Lesson


Between 11.11.2019 – 18.11.2019, 250 primary and secondary school teachers were surveyed to find out the following:

  • Awareness of the term EdTech
  • Perceptions on training
  • Level of funding
  • How often technology is used by teachers
  • Examples of the best funded EdTech in schools
Key Findings

These findings are based on the responses from 250 teachers. 

  • 36% of teachers have heard of EdTech but don’t know what it is
  • 14% of teachers have never heard of it
  • 60% of Academy school teachers don’t think there is enough training
  • 75% of Northern Irish teachers report not having enough access to EdTech
  • 37% of UK teachers have purchased tech supplies for students
  • 79% of teachers surveyed are using EdTech each day

The EdTech report points to external research indicating that the UK EdTech sector is set to reach £3.4 billion by 2021.  It suggests that the £4.6 million investment from the UK Government could help improve teacher perceptions of EdTech and possibly improve some of the statistics above.

The Global EdTech market is reported as being close to $252 billion and that the majority of this capital is US based.  Sweden, China and Italy have been identified as the top three countries in securing venture capital for EdTech start-ups.  China, Luxembourg and India are listed as countries where EdTech companies have received the most investment on a per company basis.  Overall, the US EdTech market is clearly dominant in the report with China and India expanding rapidly.

“ According to our survey, although half of teachers (51%) said they know what EdTech is, 36% said they have heard of it but don’t know what it is, and alarmingly more than 1 in 10 (14%) have never even heard of EdTech. ” The EdTech Report, RS Components