US Virtual Reality School Optima Domi develops partnership with EdTech ManageXR

February 24, 2022

EdTech supplier ManageXR will deploy Oculus VR headsets as part of the launch of Optima Domi, a Virtual Reality School in Florida

US Virtual Reality School Optima Domi develops partnership with EdTech ManageXR

Virtual Reality School Optima Domi is aiming to open its doors this coming year.  It is expecting an enrollment of 1,300 students for its inaugural 2022-2023 school year, with more students and grades to be added in the future. As a VR-first EdTech experience, students will spend four hours daily in interactive, virtual lessons – by way of Oculus headsets – designed to transform the way they learn. With EdTech supplier ManageXR, Optima Domi can manage every single headset with fully remote technical support to ensure that students are accessing only the intended content and that their education remains uninterrupted by any technical glitches.

“Optima Domi is offering something unlike anything we’ve seen in education – with immersive lesson formats that can literally bring students back in time for history class or transport them to different galaxies for science,” said Luke Wilson, founder and CEO of ManageXR. “However, scaling a VR deployment of this size comes with unique technical and logistical challenges, and our platform will be working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly for hundreds of students at once.”

Ahead of the school year, ManageXR is coordinating closely with Optima Domi and EdTech company Engage, which powers the software for the school’s curriculum, to think through the challenges associated with large-scale VR deployments. Because the platform enables Optima Domi to control every aspect of its VR device fleet remotely, including distributing apps and files, customizing the home screen user experience and tracking device health and usage, students can be ready to learn as soon as they receive their headsets in the mail.

“Selecting ManageXR as Optima’s headset management platform partner ensures that we will be able to provide a safe and secure VR environment for our scholars,” said Adam Mangana, Executive Director of Optima Domi. “ManageXR gives us the ability to manage, monitor and secure our headsets so that our scholars experience in VR only what the academy determines is necessary for its classical curriculum and lets us keep them in a reliable learning environment.”

You can learn more about the Optima Domi’s Virtual Reality School here:

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