Estonia offers free education resources

March 17, 2020

Estonia is offering free education resources to support other counties affected by school closures

Estonia offers free education resources

Estonia has publicly offered a range of education resources to other countries for free.  The list was curated by a consortium led by Startup Estonia and co-organised with the Ministry of Education, Estonian Union of Educational Technologists, Good Deed Education Fund, Innove, HITSA, and Education Nation.

In 2008, Estonia ranked first in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).  Having achieved international recognition, Estonia like many countries, has been forced to close its schools in an effort to halt the spread of COVID-19.

The list of solutions being offered includes:

  • 99math: Online multiplayer maths game
  • eKool:  A school management system
  • Students are connected with online tutors to learn in a variety of subject areas using this platform
  • Eliis: Online platform helping early years teachers with planning and organising information
  • ALPA Kids: Apps to help young children learn to recognise colours, numbers and letters
  • Lingvist: A language learning platform that uses AI
  • Clanbeat: Communication and collaboration space for teachers
  • A language learning portal that can be accessed through mobile devices
  • DreamApply: Online students admission portal

The full list of education resources is available here:

“ During the COVID-19 outbreak, digital schooling is the only option…In Estonia, we make ICT work for education, we have a number of solutions that fully support distance learning. We are ready to share Estonia’s best practices and solutions with the countries in need. After all, providing education is essential for a sustainable society… ” Mart Laidmets, Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

The tools on offer all have an English language version and can be accessed in many countries.  The initiative is hoping to help students and teachers connect with each other and therefore combat the impact of social isolation.