Finnish EdTech companies continue to offer free home learning tools

April 27, 2020

A collection of Finnish EdTech websites and apps are still available for free via to help parents with remote learning 

Finnish EdTech companies continue to offer free home learning tools

Almost 30 Finnish EdTech solutions are still available for free via the portal.  The full list features popular international platforms such as Seppo and Thinglink and can be viewed below.  Launched mid-March, this project was spearheaded by Laura Koponen, Managing Director of Finnish innovation consulting company Spinverse.  Over a single weekend she quickly enlisted the support of various Finnish EdTech companies and products who all pledged to provide their services for free for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.  She was motivated by her own experience as a mother and created the portal as a single entry point to reach the various Finnish EdTech platforms which are part of the program.

Since its launch the website has received thousands of hits.  The solutions cover a wide range of subjects and approaches to learning, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, coding and robotics.  Fully-fledged online learning platforms are on offer which help teachers collaborate with both students and parents.  The importance of compliance with data privacy and GDPR are recognised and highlighted on the portal website..

Finnish EdTech companies offering free access...
  • 10 Monkeys: Free Maths apps
  • 3D Bear: AR Learning app
  • Code School Finland: Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Eduten Finland Maths:  Maths portal
  • EdVisto: Online video storytelling
  • Elias Robot: AI language learning app
  • eMath Studio: Digital maths platform
  • Teacher collaboration tool
  • Fun Academy: Astronaut training for children
  • Fun Chinese:  Solution for older students to learn Chinese
  • Funzi: App for older students to learn new skills
  • Kide Science: Science lessons with instructional videos
  • Kindiedays: App to help the parents of very young children
  • Language Clubhouse: App to learn English
  • Lyfta: Lesson and assembly portal
  • Mehackit: Coding and Robotics app
  • Mightifier: Mental health and well-being app
  • Moka Mera Lingua: Language learning app for children
  • Moneymaster: Children can learn about personal finance
  • Moomin Language School: Language learning app
  • Promentor Web: Language learning app
  • Pulpo: Portal for sharing resources
  • Qridi: Online learning platform
  • Reactored: Language learning app
  • Sanako: Language learning app
  • School Day:  Mental health and well-being app
  • Seppo:  Gamification app
  • Thinglink:  Visual collaboration tool
  • TinyApp: Sharing learning resources
  • TypingMaster: App to learn touch typing
  • Vuolearning: e-Learning platform
  • Education Finland: Government portal

“ As a mother of two elementary school boys, I wanted to do something tangible to help teachers in their challenging task to continue teaching in the coming weeks. Providing schools with free access to engaging and motivating educational content for the duration of the outbreak was the idea I started working on with the edtech entrepreneurs. ” Laura Koponen, Managing Director, Spinverse

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