Finnish EdTech startup Kide Science raises €1.5 million

May 29, 2020

Kide Science, a Finnish EdTech startup has raised €1.5 million to meet the growing demand for its STEAM educational products

Finnish EdTech startup

Founded in 2017, Finnish EdTech startup Kide Science has raised €1.5 million in seed finance.  The capital will help Kide Science expand its operations in Asia.  The investment round was led by venture capital firm, as well as existing investors including Zanichelli Venture.  Kide Science has now raised a total of €2.4 million.

“ It’s increasingly clear that giving young children key science skills is vital to understanding the world around them…Our hands-on, scenario based approach helps spark their curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject at home and at school. ” Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO, Kide Science

Kide Science organises educational STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) activities for children.  The approach was developed following research carried out by Kide Science founder Dr. Jenni Vartiainen when running a popular science club.  Kide Science now operates in 14 countries and has trained over 500 instructors.

Kide Science also produces a TV show on YLE, the Finnish national broadcaster.  These programmes have been viewed by over 2 million people.  Example activities include:

Science: Chemical reactions and solubility with measurement-loving scientist Kelvin

Technology:  Constructing machines and computational thinking with Mrs Noblegas

Engineering: Learn about electricity with Robot Hoseli

Art: Design a colour hurricane with artistic scientist Esther

Maths: Learn about shapes and structures with accurate scientist Pi

“ We see early childhood education as a highly attractive market segment with significant growth prospects and lucrative opportunities for scalable solution providers like Kide Science. For Sparkmind, Kide Science stands out because of its very strong pedagogical proposition and outstanding multidisciplinary team. We’re excited to lead this seed round and to build on the significant momentum the company has already generated ” Kai Talas,

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