Hybrid teaching and learning

February 2, 2022

Hybrid teaching and learning is a phrase that three years ago would’ve been seen as being an unusual phrase to have passed the lips of any Educator. Nowadays of course it is the cause of many a conversation both around the leadership table and in the staff room.

Hybrid teaching and learning

From those that share here on the Global EdTech site to our own Edtech Show, to the work with schools and sharing of our co-founder Mark Anderson and other thought leaders in the space; it’s a hot topic that isn’t going anywhere soon.

As school leaders, educators and technical support teams work to develop strategies to support hybrid learning in their contexts, the team at i3-Technologies and Intel have been running a series of webinars looking at what they call ‘The Digitally Genius’ school.

Across the series of webinars, they have explored topics such as digital ecosystem, digital strategy and active learning with guests sharing on the episodes who collectively have decades of successful track records in supporting and implementing digital technologies into their schools.

On the 10th and 17th of February, the next two episodes of the ‘Digitally Genius School’ series continues, with the first episode focusing upon Hybrid Learning from a system and technical view at a trust and district level. The second of these two episodes focuses upon Hybrid Learning from an educator and middle leadership perspective.

Featuring again, experienced educators and leaders, these two episodes air at 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST / 5 pm CET and on top of the benefits you’ll gain from learning from these practitioners, there’s also the opportunity to win some cool technology too.

By attending the sessions you’ll learn:

– Ideas and strategies for reducing workload

– Making the most of your infrastructure

– Practical approaches to supporting learners and parents

– Why cloud-first is the way to go

– How to reduce overheads whilst improving home/school communication

– An understanding of the opportunities that hybrid learning can afford and how to do it

– Ways to support professional learning in a hybrid style and the benefits it can bring

– Knowledge of the technologies (hardware and software) that can best support hybrid learning

All of the webinar series is free to attend and you can register to join this event here: https://hubs.ly/Q012lxVW0

Our co-founder, Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) will be sharing on both of these episodes alongside other experts, so if you’re looking to learn more about Hybrid Learning, we hope you’ll be able to attend!

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