EdTech in Brazil: Camino Education expanding operations

February 24, 2020

Camino Education is developing a learning platform and flagship school which demonstrate the potential of EdTech in Brazil

EdTech Brazil

EdTech in Brazil – Having acquired Series A funding in 2019, Camino Education is currently developing two educational solutions.  The first is a learning platform which it hopes will connect Brazil with the rest of the world.  Branded CLOE, the platform aims in its first phase to allow Brazilian schools to connect with eachother through expeditions within its cloud based solution.

Camino is hoping in 2021 to extend this service to schools in the US.  The platform features an active learning course for teachers, developed in conjunction with the Teachers’ College, Columbia University, New York.  Students will use the platform to store work in electronic journals and parents will be able to access the platform.  Camino is also aiming to publish all textbooks and materials in a digital format.

Camino is the result of a union of professionals from different areas of knowledge that came together for the same cause: ensuring that students and teachers from Brazil and beyond have access to an education that responds to the challenges we face today and produces tools to build the reality that we want in the future…Camino Education

The second initiative that Camino is introducing involves the launch of a flagship school in Sao Paulo.  The school has been designed to demonstrate its methodologies which include active project based learning and community service.

Phil Daro, a member of the team that developed the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in the US recently visited the school to help staff develop the mathematics curriculum.  Camino also references John Dewey, an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer as an influence on its approach to pedagogy.

Further information about Camino Education and how it is aiming to modernise EdTech in Brazil can be accessed here: https://caminoeducation.com/

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