Amazon drives global innovation in cloud education

February 25, 2020

Through webinars and ambassador programs, Amazon is driving cloud education on a global scale

Amazon drives global innovation in cloud education

To promote the use of its cloud education services, Amazon has continued to increase its offering of products and services developed specifically for the EdTech market.  Used in over 200 countries, AWS Educate connects 2,400 institutions, over 10,000 students and hundreds of thousands of students.

For teachers based in Australia and New Zealand, Amazon recently announced a series of education webinars throughout March.  These will cover using Alexa in the classroom, cloud innovation and managing student data.  AWS education experts based in the region will host these online workshops.

For students throughout the world, Amazon have announced the launch of its Cloud Ambassador Program.  This was previously only available to teachers.  By providing access to students, Amazon is hoping that pupils will acquire AWS technical skills which can then be utilised in the workplace.

“After launching our AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program for faculty in May 2019, the demand has been high for a student-focused program…We are expanding the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program to recognize and work closely with students who are interested in inspiring their peers to learn AWS Cloud skills.” Ken Eisner, Director, Worldwide Education Programs, AWS, and Head of AWS Educate.

In Thailand, Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon, have announced a partnership with King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang to help modernise their curriculum by introducing cloud computing, improving research and development and helping start up companies.

The AWS Educate platform consists of the following:

  • Cloud Career Pathways: 25+ hours of self-paced learning resources.
  • AWS Educate Badges: Covering emerging technologies including Alexa and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • AWS Console and Credits: A portal for students to begin creating software.
  • AWS Educate Classrooms: Virtual classrooms where students can learn about the cloud.
  • AWS Professional Development: Instructional videos and self-paced learning resources.
  • AWS Job Board: Access to jobs that require skills in using cloud technologies.

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