Australian EdTech startup CogniVocal releases Emotion Coaching app

September 19, 2020

CogniVocal, an Australian EdTech startup, is hoping its Emotion Coaching app will help children with mental health disorders

Australian EdTech startup CogniVocal releases Emotion Coaching app

Australian EdTech startup CogniVocal is collaborating with Monash University and the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health to develop its free voice app, Emotion Coaching.  The app will be tested on children that attend a psychology clinic in Melbourne.  The aim is to determine whether the app can support parents in helping children with emotional disorders.  The release of the app also coincides with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in a significant increase in the proportion of young people with mental health conditions.

The Emotion Coaching app can be accessed via an app installed on a smartphone or through an Amazon Alexa device.  The app is also supported by a website:  which provides access to a downloadable guide: Simple Steps of Emotional Coaching.

The trial is also open to the parents of any primary school aged children in Australia.  Dr Sally Richmond from the Monash University is screening applicants and has played a key role in the development of the app.  The video below features Dr Sally Richmond explaining the concept of the app and how it can support parents in developing better relationships with children.

“ If we can intervene early applying voice technology to guide parents with the necessary knowledge to support their children’ emotional development, we can have a significant economic and societal impact… ” Dyung Ngo, CTO, CogniVocal

The company previously released two other apps, the award winning Pirate Island and Farm Tycoon.  By creating CogniVocal it is expanding its services beyond the family entertainment market.  Dyung Ngo, the CTO and co-founder previously worked in a variety of industries, including aviation and vehicular safety.  His co-founder and CCO, André Alcantara, has worked for multinational companies, where he has specialised in marketing and creative design.

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