Day 20 – Appvent23 – Formative

December 20, 2023

Day 20 - Appvent23

Welcome to day twenty of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on Formative.

Formative Reveal

Formative is a popular platform for creating engaging assessment tools.  Recently, Formative has incorporated an AI content generator tool (currently in beta mode) which makes it easier for teachers to create lesson content.    

Signing up for a free (bronze) account on Formative is free.  It is important to note that the AI Content Creation tool is turned off by default.  This can be enabled by clicking My Account> Settings and toggling the AI Content Creation option. 

Formative screengrab 1

Educational Benefits: 

Quizzes are a popular method of formative assessment as they help students and teachers review progress during a lesson.  The ability to use AI to create quizzes has the potential to save teachers lots of valuable time. 

Practical Application:

Once the AI generator has been enabled you can click the blue add button (top right of screen) and select Auto-Generate Formative.  You can then select between a quiz or a lesson and select the topic and year (enter the US grade equivalent).  The AI-generated content will then be launched in a new window.  Once opened you will have a set of tools enabling you to make changes to your content.  For example, if creating a quiz, you can edit/add and delete questions, change the number of points awarded per question, and make certain questions required.  

Formative screengrab 2

Considerations and Tips: 

As is the case for all AI tools, any generated content should be checked for bias and accuracy. 

If you are planning to use Formative in your setting it is important to discuss this with your data protection officer. 

Learn more about Formative by visiting their website here or follow them on Twitter/X here

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