Colombia increases access to education technology

April 14, 2020

The government is hoping to redistribute up to 500,000 computers and tablets as schools remain closed

Colombia increases access to education technology

The Colombian Government is aiming to provide greater access to education technology as part its efforts to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on teaching and learning.  The lockdown was due to end on the 14th April but has now been extended for another two weeks.

To support parents with home schooling it launched a program titled: Computadores para Educar which translates to Computer to Educate, whereby it hopes to redistribute almost 500,000 computers and tablets.  These devices which are normally used in schools, colleges and universities, could be reallocated to families to allow them to educate their children at home.

Another component of this program is a digital learning hub:

Through combining a mixture of online and offline content, the aim of the hub is to provide a repository of over 80,000 resources that parents can use at home whilst schools remain closed.  Links are provided to education technology websites including:

Scratch:  A creative programming platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The call of the Inti:  An eBook retelling the experiences of the Quillasinga de Nariño indigenous people

TupiTube: Stop Frame Animation software

“ We can all be protagonists of the solution, as stated by President Iván Duque, and technology can help students at home. ” Alejandro Felix Linero de Cambil, Director, Computadores para Educar

Like other countries, Colombia is planning to broadcast educational television programmes.  It is using seven regional channels to deliver a program titled: Profe en Tu Casa which translates to Teacher in your house.  The programmes will be broadcast from Monday to Friday and will cover a range of social and citizenship topics and include daily challenges.

Late March, the Colombian Government also launched a new proposal titled: Technologies for Learning which involves spending 231 billion pesos to provide children with better access to technology.  To achieve this goal it has identified four key challenges:

1.  Increase the number of devices in schools

2.  Improve internet connectivity

3.  Introduce professional development opportunities for teachers

4.  Evaluate and measure the impact of technology

You can learn more about EdTech here: