Day 19 – Appvent23 – TLDRthis

December 19, 2023

Day 19 - Appvent23

Welcome to day nineteen of the 2023 Appvent calendar, where today’s focus is on the innovative tool, TLDRthis.

TLDRthis Reveal

For those who might jest that TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) has become de rigeur on social media as an essential add-on for every blog post, TLDRthis is a tool that turns that on its head. It’s a perfect companion for those who wish to grasp the essence of lengthy articles without the work of having to read through every word.

AI tool of the day:

TLDRthis is a free online text summarising tool that uses AI to condense long articles, documents, essays, or papers into key summary paragraphs. This tool is not just a nifty gadget for skimming; it’s a handy tool, particularly for those who may struggle with reading. Its distraction-free interface is also super useful for helping keep focus on the actual text rather than distracting elements such as ads.

TLDR screengrab

Using TLDRthis’s clever AI, any piece of text is analysed and summarised automatically, making reading, understanding, and acting on the information a breeze.

Educational Benefits:

In an educational setting, TLDRthis can be a lifesaver. Teachers and students inundated with extensive reading materials can use this tool to understand the essence of texts quickly. It helps educators and learners to focus on the most relevant points, filtering out extraneous details and saving precious time.

Practical Application:

TLDRthis simplifies the summarisation process to a mere click. The tool condenses articles into shorter, digestible content and extracts essential metadata like the author, date, related images, and title. It also provides an estimated reading time for articles, consolidating all necessary information in one place for efficient reading.

TLDRthis screengrab2

TLDRthis also eliminates online distractions like ads and graphics, offering a clean, focused reading experience. This feature is particularly handy for students and educators who need to distill information without the internet noise.

Considerations and Tips:

As with any AI tool, users should exercise discernment, as the summarised content may need further verification for accuracy and context. It’s also wise to consider the original text for any nuanced details the summary might overlook.

Learn more about TLDRthis by visiting their website here or their social media here. If you’re convinced already, then you can add their Chrome extension here or the Firefox equivalent here.

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