Day 18 – Appvent23 – Teachable Machine

December 18, 2023

Day 18 - Appvent23

Welcome to day eighteen of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on Teachable Machine by Google.  

Teachable Machine Reveal

AI tool of the day:

Developed by Google, Teachable Machine can be used to train a computer to recognise images, sounds, and poses.  

Educational Benefits: 

Teachable Machine can be used to demonstrate how AI and machine learning work without having to use code.  Students can learn about important concepts, such as bias and accuracy when creating AI models.  

Practical Application: 

The process of creating an AI model in Teachable Machine involves gathering and training samples.  

Teachable Machine screengrab 1

In this example, a webcam was used to capture images corresponding to three different scenarios: 1) no hands, 2) left hand up, and, 3)right hand up.  These are called classes in Teachable Machine.  

The second step was initiated by clicking Training which made the computer analyse the images and associate them with the three classes described above.  Following this, a preview window appeared which was used to determine if the machine was working successfully.  Additional images can be used if the model is not functioning as intended. 

The Under the hood panel provides graphs that can be used to analyse the inner workings of the machine learning algorithm.  It is also possible to make adjustments to various settings though these can be complex for students who are new to machine learning. 

Considerations and Tips: 

Teachers and students can get started with Teachable Machine by clicking here.

Google provides a tutorial for the key steps mentioned above.  These can be accessed using the following links:

Teachable Machine Tutorial 1: Gather

Teachable Machine Tutorial 2: Train

Teachable Machine Tutorial 3: Export

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