Israeli EdTech company Magnilearn develops AI textbooks for use in South Korea

Magnilearn, an Israeli EdTech company is working with several textbook publishers and EdTech firms to deliver textbooks that make use of AI

Israeli EdTech company Magnilearn develops AI textbooks for use in South Korea

Despite the advent of EdTech on a global scale, a massive 95% of the world’s curriculum is estimated to still be contained in textbooks. Until now, the cost of converting content from textbooks into e-Learning–and keeping that content updated in computerized learning systems–has been staggering. But what if the power of AI and Natural Language Processing could quickly adapt content from any textbook and dynamically turn it into creative lessons? 

In South Korea, the textbook market is still an industry growing at a rate of 15% per year. But South Korean publishers are alarmed by declining revenues in the US market which amount to nearly a 30% reduction over five years—a trend largely blamed on the advent of textbook rentals and online learning. 

“Combining the massive content libraries owned by textbook publishers with our teaching algorithms is a win-win for South Korean students” said Lana Tockus, CEO of MagniLearn.  “With our technology, students learn English up to three-times faster than with traditional methods” she continued.

“With MagniLearn, every school textbook can become a self-learning EdTech system that leverages existing content, making it available for online learning. Most importantly, we customize the content and create exercises for each student individually” Tockus said.

In recognition of the use of AI technology, Israeli EdTech MagniLearn was invited to participate in Education Korea 2021, the largest education exhibition in Korea to be held at Coex in Seoul from May 17th to 19th, 2021.  The event, which this year marks its 18th anniversary, is Korea’s largest educational exhibition.

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