Day 08 – Appvent23 – Gamma

December 8, 2023

Day 08 - Appvent23

Welcome to day eight of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on another fab AI tool called Gamma.  Gamma can be used to instantly create presentations, documents, and webpages.  

Gamma Day Eight Reveal

AI tool of the day:

Gamma is incredible!  It could be a real game changer when it comes to creating presentations and documents.  

A free Gamma account provides 400 credits so teachers can get started easily.  Full pricing options are available on the Gamma website.

Educational Benefits: 

This tool has the potential to save teachers a lot of time.  Creating instructional PowerPoints and handouts remains a popular method of delivering content in classrooms around the world and teachers often spend hours creating and curating content..  With Gamma, excellent customisable content can be created and shared in minutes.  

Practical Application: 

Teachers can use this general-purpose tool when preparing all sorts of lesson resources.  

A Google account or email address can be used to access Gamma.  After logging in, you need to choose between creating a presentation, document, or webpage and then enter a prompt e.g. Causes of Global Warming.  The slide headings are then automatically created and you can refine these before proceeding to generate content.  

Gamma screengrab 1

Watching the creation of your presentation or document in real-time is incredibly satisfying!  However, the fun doesn’t stop there.  Gamma offers a wide selection of tools that you can use to edit your presentation, including an AI design partner chatbot. 

Gamma screengrab 2

Once finished you can share (view or edit) or export it as a PDF or drop it into another app e.g. PowerPoint.  Bear in mind that the free version adds a watermark to any documents that you produce.

Considerations and Tips: 

Students can also easily create a Gamma account and produce content.  Therefore educators need to adapt to this new reality and help students appreciate that if they generate content that they don’t read or engage with, then they will ultimately learn nothing.

As is the case for all AI tools, the generated content should be checked for bias and accuracy.

Data protection and privacy are also important considerations.

Learn more about Gamma by visiting their website here or by checking out their social media here

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