Day 04 – Appvent23 – Adobe Firefly

December 4, 2023

Day 04 - Appvent23

Welcome to day four of the 2023 Appvent calendar!

Today’s AI-themed entry is…Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly Day Four Reveal

AI tool of the day:

Adobe is well known for producing superb graphic design tools with industry-standard titles within its creative software suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express.  Now those very same tools incorporate Generative AI, as part of Adobe Firefly. 

Educational Benefits: 

Teachers can use Image to Text or Text to Image to easily create attractive display resources, lesson resources, and worksheets. As the Firefly tools are already available within Adobe Express, teachers and students can get started immediately (Adobe Express is free for teachers and students).

Practical Application: 

There are lots of potential applications of Generative AI when it comes to image creation.  For example, English teachers could create images that serve as a stimulus for creative writing tasks.  

Image to Text could be useful for all teachers as any generated text can be used when producing learning materials matching curriculum topics or display banners.

Considerations and Tips: 

When creating images, Adobe Firefly calls upon its stock image library to ensure users don’t encounter any copyright issues.  Therefore, teachers can rest assured they are not infringing on anyone’s copyright when generating AI imagery.  

Teachers should speak to students about acceptable use and any filtering that is in place to safeguard teachers and students when entering prompts.  Adobe has specific terms and conditions to cover acceptable use when using Adobe Firefly and it is also advisable to discuss this with students.  

Learn more about Adobe Firefly by visiting their website here or by checking out their social media here

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