Day 07 – Appvent23 – Microsoft Designer
Day 07 - Appvent23

Welcome to day seven of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on a tool we’ve shared on the Appvent calendar before – Microsoft Designer!

Microsoft Designer Day Seven Reveal

As you’ll have read on the previous day’s posts, with the furore around the usefulness of AI within EdTech, we decided this year to focus our Appvent calendar on AI with a #24DaysOfAI event. For all the conversations and shares on the calendar, please check out the hashtag on LinkedIn and X/Twitter.

Our AI tool of the day:

If you’re an annual visitor to our Appvent calendar and took us up on our recommendation from last year, you’ll already be au fais with Microsoft Designer. Today’s version of Designer has moved on considerably since we originally shared it last year.

Designer screenshot

Educational Benefits:

With more features available than previously, there are many educational scenarios for using Designer. Whether that’s helping you craft your latest wall display or a helpful graphic to explain a topic or concept, Designer is jam-packed with useful AI-enhanced tools to help teachers.

Practical Application:

Designer has several useful features as shown in the screenshot above. One practical application beyond those already written about is the helpful background removal tool. This is perfect for those seeking to improve the dual coding of their resources to pinpoint the focal graphic being used on your slide to remove erroneous elements in the image used.

Another useful feature to improve the look and feel of your photo is the generative erase tool. This can also be handy in removing someone from a photo (such as a student who shouldn’t be in a photo you wish to share) that you wish to remove.

Considerations and Tips:

When integrating any new tool into our educational environment, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate its application scenarios and the nature of the data it will handle. Before adoption, be sure to consult your Data Protection Officer (as we are sure you always do) to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment, helping to guarantee compliance and safeguarding before its implementation.

Learn more about Designer by visiting their website or check out their social media here.

Stay Ahead with AI in Education:

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