Coding for Kids: Codekids Perth launches new venue

July 6, 2021

Codekids Perth promotes coding for kids through activities that introduce students to STEM, programming and important life skills 

Coding for Kids: Codekids Perth launches new venue

Launched in Perth in July last year, Codekids Perth has released a brand-new teaching location to hold its coding for kids classes for school-aged children.

They offer high-quality and children-friendly coding classes for school-aged students. Students learn important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and much more, all while having fun.

Classes aim to maximise future career opportunities for our younger generations, create more young entrepreneurs and open their eyes to what coding can do.

Codekids was established by a team of young entrepreneurs in Perth, including Alex Shi and Nick Berryman. They decided to share their passion for coding and EdTech by teaching students the skills and knowledge they need to prepare for a rapidly changing future.

They believe computer programming/coding could be a future language just as important as English or any other language.

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report suggested that by 2030, AI and robots could replace as much as 30 percent of the world’s current human labour.

We see this trend here in WA already with about one-third of the mine haulage truck fleet at Rio Tinto’s Pilbara mines being automate.

“To embrace this change, Codekids believe it is crucial to start learning coding and programming as young as Year 1,” Codekids Co-founder Alex Shi told Startup News.

Learning to code is not only about preparing for a future as a potential programmer, it’s about improving people’s all-round skills and aptitude.

“Plenty of students have little or no interest in arts and creativity but find themselves using coding to create interesting and expressive games and stories while also improving their STEM skills. On the other hand, many artistically-minded students find themselves improving a lot of STEM skills such as technology and maths, skills that they may find uninteresting or difficult in school” , said Codekids CTO, Nick Berryman.

Codekids Perth launches children coding classes at Perth Modern School starting in Term 3, 2021.

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