Indian EdTech company Whitehat Jr plans expansion

May 12, 2020

Indian EdTech company Whitehat Jr plans to hire an additional 2000 teachers as demand for online coding courses continue to rise during the Covid-19 crisis

Indian EdTech startup company Whitehat Jr planning expansion

Indian EdTech startup company Whitehat Jr is planning to recruit an additional 2000 teachers to cope with the surge in demand for online coding courses in India.  The company has reported a 40% month on month increase over the past 12 months and reports that it is planning to hire 400 teachers every month.

Whitehat Jr was launched in 2018 by former Discovery CEO Karan Bajaj and secured $10 million (about Rs 72 crore) in Series A funding last year.  It is planning to expand to other key markets including the US.  Over 500,000 projects have been created since it launched and 1000 teachers have been hired to deliver courses.

Notable apps that have been created on the platform include:

  • A waste management program developed by a nine year old boy called Sean Solano Paul from Bangalore.
  • A medicine donation app called Medmaze which helps people donate unused medicines by an eleven year old boy called Yuvraj Shah from Kolkata.
  • A sign language app developed by a seven year old boy called Hirranyaa Rajani from Mumbai.

The Whitehat Jr platform offers live 1-1 instruction on how to code for children aged 6-14.  Courses range from Beginner to Applied Tech and cover a variety of languages, topics and concepts including: loops, functions, conditionals, animations, variables, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Python.

“ With the pandemic forcing schools to shut down, EdTech is now becoming an essential service as parents and teachers shift to online modes of teaching. At WhiteHat Jr, we are seeing a significantly higher demand for our courses across levels as compared to pre-COVID-19 months and we expect this trend to continue as more parents realize the benefits of kids learning to code at an early age and the effectiveness of our unique live teaching pedagogy… ” Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO, WhiteHat Jr

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