Virtual Reality provides an alternative to live video lessons

April 2, 2020

Virtual Reality can provide an alternative to live video lessons as schools around the world remain closed

Whilst most schools are embracing video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, an alternative model could be the use of virtual reality.  Victory XR based in Davenport, Iowa is one company aiming to help schools use VR as a way to provide online learning opportunities for students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students could use software developed by VictoryXR to meet in a shared social space.  Each student assumes an avatar and can move within a set boundary.  Depending on the app being used, students may also have the option of teleporting from one region to another.  A teacher can guide the experience by providing audio instructions.

Forbes contributor Charlie Fink recently reported that the Governor of Iowa, the Lt. Governor and the Director of Online Education were planning to join VictoryXR within the Engage platform to observe how virtual reality could be used for distance learning.

“…The nature of VR and the strength of it, you have that return to personable, intimate interactions with people that just talking over webcam doesn’t give you and that’s the big strength of social VR right now…” Daniel Coyle, Lead Software Developer, Victory XR (from an interview with KWQC, 01/04/2020)

Victory XR has developed over 240 educational experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality.  These activities cover different subjects and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and were created in collaboration with 19 industry partners, including Microsoft, Carolina Biological and Oxford University.

The full package of experiences costs $10 per month.  Examples of content include a virtual frog dissection, space exploration and life science based activities.

You can find out more about Victory XR using this link: