NAECAD releases eSports certification program

June 4, 2020

NAECAD has released an eSports certification based course

NAECAD releases first eSports certification program

NAECAD has created an eSports certification based course in an effort to promote standards and training in this rapidly growing field.  Founded in 2019, NAECAD is the National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors and operates at all levels from high school to professional adult.  NAECAD are hoping that introducing certificates will add rigour to the industry and also help school districts and individual organisations recruit qualified staff.

The eSports industry has been growing exponentially in recent years, in terms of revenue, interest and viewership.  A report published by Newzoo predicts that the annual growth rate in 2021 will be approximately 14% and the number of viewers will have risen to a total of 557 million people.

“ While many sessions are tailored to esports coaches, directors, and administrators, there are sessions that benefit the individual who knows nothing about the sport…Compared to other sports, esports is considered to be in the infant stages, with only a limited number who have experience serving as a coach or director. ” Dr. Jay Prescott, Executive Director, NAECAD

The NAECAD curriculum is credit based and consists of four key components:

  • Program Philosophy
  • Organization and Administration
  • Player Growth and Development
  • Student Success

Individual learning levels can be selected to allow for specialisation in particular areas.   Some courses are free for members ($150 membership fee) and the cost for non-members starts at $30.

“ Oftentimes schools are looking for potential candidates, and organizations are having to rely heavily on personality and playing experience…Understand, there is much more to the role that is needed. The certification program allows an organization to see a person’s knowledge and commitment, increasing the confidence when the hiring occurs. ” Dr. Jay Prescott, Executive Director, NAECAD

More information about NAECAD can be accessed here: