First ever EdTech investment in Kuwait

Online learning company Baims receives seed funding making it the first ever EdTech investment in Kuwait

First ever EdTech investment in Kuwait

Baims is the first company to receive an EdTech investment in Kuwait.  The investment round was led by AlWazzan Education, with other angel and seed investors committing funds.  The actual investment amount remains undisclosed.

Founded in 2007, Baims is named after a shortened form of Big Aims and it offers online courses, lectures and workshops for university and preschool students in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  According to Baims and published in MENAbytes, it currently offers over 1000 courses, 30,000 lectures and has enrolled over 450,000 students since it was launched.

Baims is providing free access to high school students whilst schools remain closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The investment arrives at a time when there is a lot of interest in online learning and the funds will be used to further penetrate the Middle Eastern and North African market.

In 2017 Baims received first place in the third instalment of the KIPCO Tmkeen Award for Young Entrepreneurs.  A joint collaboration between KIPCO (Kuwait Projects Company) and Tmkeen (Youth Empowerment Organization) the award recognised the work and achievements of the co-founders,  Bader AlRasheed and Yousef Alhusaini.

“ Our ultimate goal is to be a part of the student’s life, Baims stands for Big Aims and our aim is to build a strong youth community for a better educational ecosystem in the GCC & MENA region and improve educational content… ” Bader AlRasheed, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Baims

Notable courses on the Baims website include:

  • Organise your business as an entrepreneur delivered by Saad Al-Dossary
  • The Basics of Teleworking delivered by Youssef Al-Hussaini
  • Toddlers published by Js Preschool

The investment could signal the beginning of innovation and growth in the Kuwaiti EdTech sector.

More information on Baims and the courses it offers can be viewed here:

You can learn more about EdTech here: