UK EdTech firm Gluu receives £10K investment

March 24, 2020

The investment will help UK EdTech firm Gluu expand its operations in the UK

Northern Powerhouse invests £10K in UK EdTech firm Gluu -market news

UK EdTech firm Gluu has received a £10K investment in the form of a microfinance loan from Northern Powerhouse.  The capital will be used by Gluu to expand its operations in the UK through employing additional staff and creating educational content, which can be marketed to schools.

Through partnerships with selected schools, Gluu aims to be an incubator of edtech solutions.  It is currently working with Shireland Collegiate Academy, a secondary school in the West Midlands and a small rural school in Cheshire.  It aims to help drive transformative change in these schools through introducing edtech solutions from established and reputable companies, including Microsoft, HP, Britannica and Fujitsu.

“ Gluu’s purpose is to make a positive difference in schools to help children access new ways of learning. We noticed that across different sectors, best practices seemed to be shared but in education, this was not the case…By partnering with SCA and international EdTech brands, we are able to bring these ideas to life and, more importantly, make them accessible to all. ” Sean Gardner, Director, Gluu

The Eaton Project is a current venture between Gluu and Eaton Primary School with the aim of transforming the school through digital learning solutions from trusted providers.  The first step in this project involves performing an audit to determine the quantity of existing devices and related specifications.

Gluu is also helping roll-out Microsoft Teams as it is possible that students will be unable to attend school due to the #Covid-19 pandemic.  To support parents, Gluu has created instructional videos and is providing direct frontline support.  It is also offering professional development sessions for staff so they are familiar with the platform.

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