University AI platform permits student enrolment to continue in Argentina

University AI platform MatchUP is helping students choose universities across LatAm

University AI platform allows student enrolment to continue in Argentina

With Argentina and other Latin American countries in lockdown due to Covid-19, University AI platform MatchUP has witnessed a significant increase in traffic.  MatchUP is a progressive webapp incorporating a chatbot, smart matching algorithms and advanced search and filtering features.  It offers virtual university tours and video conferencing, two features which have seen a sharp increase in usage since the lockdown.

Based in Buenos Aires, MatchUP is hoping to engage with over 1 million students globally and connect them with more than 500 universities.  The launch of MatchUP follows the success of Campsa, which helps students across LatAm gain a sport scholarship in the US.

“ Right now, where personal contact is limited and enrollment may be substantially affected, adding channels to make academic offerings available and adding technology to the recruitment process becomes vital for universities… ” Sebastián Fraga, CEO MatchUp

MatchUP is free and students can easily obtain information on universities by entering initial search criteria, such as location and course.  The results can then be further narrowed using filters including course type, discount availability, career type, category and tuition fees.  Students can create wishlists and receive notifications.  Whatsapp, FaceBook and Instagram are used to further promote student engagement.

Universities pay through subscribing to a performance commission plan, through which they gain access to several tools to improve the visibility and positioning of their adverts.

 “ In this context, universities that do not have virtual platforms and online offers available, are going to have to accelerate this process because traditional channels such as fairs, exhibitions and events are not taking place… ” Federico Fraga, CCO MatchUp

The MatchUP website features a number of universities including:

  • Mercy College, New York City, USA
  • San Ignacio University, Miami, USA
  • Johnson & Wales University, USA
  • Universidad Católica Argentina
More information on MatchUP is available here: