STEM Education Leader PASCO Extends Warranty

November 29, 2020

STEM Education Leader PASCO Scientific has launched a warranty extension policy for its educational products, which includes a one-year extension for products covered under PASCO’s Five-Year Warranty. 

STEM Education Leader PASCO Extends Warranty

The company aims to support PASCO customers, most of whom are science educators whose teaching methods have undergone dramatic transformations in light of the ongoing pandemic.

PASCO customers with an active Five-Year Warranty will receive an additional year of warranty coverage. The policy change ensures that science educators have access to the company’s robust warranty benefits throughout 2020, and as they transition back to hands-on learning.

With many schools utilizing hybrid and distance learning models, science educators have had fewer opportunities to use their hands-on equipment. 

PASCO has been creating educational STEM solutions since 1964.  Its first product was the Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus and it now manufactures a huge collection of resources worldwide, including sensors, interfaces, data analysis software and textbooks.

The company employs almost 200 staff globally, which includes engineers, researchers and teachers.  It operates a growing number of partnerships including:

– Activity Based Physics: A collaboration with multiple educational institutions to offer more engaging physics resources.

– GLOBE Program: The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is a global effort to connect students and collaboratively tackle environmental issues.

– Google Partnership: Enables PASCO equipment to interface with Android based devices.

– ESRI and GIS: Access data logging software to connect to ESRI’s Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

You can read more about PASCO’s warranty extension policy and their Five-Year Warranty, visit the PASCO Scientific website.

“ Educators have been going above and beyond to support their students during this time, and it’s important that we continue to assist them where we can. We hope that this additional year of warranty coverage will help educators feel confident in returning to their hands-on PASCO equipment, when the time comes… ” Richard Briscoe, President and CEO of PASCO Scientific