Report – Nordic EdTech

October 28, 2021

Nordic EdTech

Holon IQ publishes its annual list of the top performing Nordic EdTech companies.

Holon IQ recently published a list of the 50 most innovative Nordic EdTech startup companies in the region. Over 1500 companies were identified during the research process. The Swedish and Finnish Education markets were identified as being particularly strong, making up over half of the cohort. A lot of companies on the list provide products and services which support K-12 institutions with a growth in the number of companies supporting workplace learning.

Other notable areas include STEAM, gamification and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. The companies have been grouped into categories, such as STEAM, Assessment and Tutoring, Language Learning, Digital Content and Online Learning, Management Systems and Advanced Technologies.

Report - Nordic EdTech

Nordic and Baltic EdTech companies

  • Assessment and Tutoring
  • STEAM 
  • Language Learning
  • Workforce and Skills
  • Digital Content and Online Learning
  • Management Systems
  • Advanced Technology

Over 1500 companies were evaluated by The HolonIQ Education Intelligence Unit using information from its Global Intelligence Platform. A Scoring Fingerprint was used as part of the process which consisted of the following:

  • Market: The quality of the market that the company operates in.
  • Product: The quality of the product that the company is offering.
  • Team: The skills and diversity in the team.
  • Capital: The financial success of the company.
  • Momentum: Changes in the company measured over time.

Holon IQ is a global intelligence platform that focuses on education and EdTech.  More information on the work of Holon IQ and the original report can be accessed by following this link:

You can read more about EdTech here:

“ The Nordic and Baltic region has a strong ecosystem of EdTech startups across the lifecycle and is well known for a collaborative and supportive ecosystem through EdTech hubs and accelerators with good connections to education institutions and government ministries. This year’s cohort sees Swedish EdTech startups make up 30% of the group (up from 26% last year) and Finland a further 20%. Lithuania’s representation has doubled since last year with newer teams such as Pocklet, Turing College and Memby joining more mature startups like BitDegree.” Nordic and Baltic 50, Holon IQ, October 2021