New Book: My Secret EdTech Diary provides EdTech insights both pre- and post- COVID

May 11, 2021

Written by Al Kingsley, the book reflects on the growing importance of education technology and provides a collection of EdTech insights and perspectives acquired from experience working in the industry

New Book: My Secret EdTech Diary provides EdTech insights both pre- and post- COVID

Providing EdTech insights and reflecting on EdTech through a wider lens is the subject of a new book by Al Kingsley, CEO of education software company, NetSupport, and Multi Academy Trust Chair. My Secret EdTech Diary brings readers a unique view of the topic of EdTech from an author who has dual experience as both the head of company that develops education solutions and as an active participant in the strategic operation of education in his local area.

EdTech suddenly came into focus during the pandemic and, with it, came an explosion of questions from schools as to how they could best leverage its benefits as the education landscape shifted and changed ahead of them.

“Many people think of EdTech simply as the solutions that are found in the classroom,” says Kingsley. “But expanding that view to paint the picture of what tech can do throughout a school, while putting its evolution into perspective, will hopefully get people engaged and thinking about the potential that technology has to improve things across the board for everyone working in a school or trust.”

Al has spent over 30 years working and volunteering in the education sector and, with this book, brings together his knowledge and experience of EdTech to share in an easy-to-read conversational format with schools. My Secret EdTech Diary is not only a commentary on educational technology; it’s also a helpful guide packed with tips and EdTech insights for best practice, suggested questions schools should ask themselves (and vendors) as they select the right solutions for their context, and advice on co-producing solutions with vendors – as well as featuring practical checklists, recommendations, and contributions from trusted peers.

Whilst the book will be officially launched this summer, it is available for pre-order from Amazon here:

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