EdTech coding company Code Ninjas launches Halloween competition

October 23, 2021

Code Ninjas, an EdTech coding company, has released two Halloween themed challenges

EdTech coding company Code Ninjas launches Halloween competition

EdTech coding company Code Ninjas has released two free online coding challenges based on a Halloween theme.  The Halloween-themed experience, which can be played online for free, takes kids on a thrilling adventure through a spooky castle to find nine hidden coding ‘tricks’ residing in three separate rooms. 

Visitors to the ‘Castle of Code and Curiosities’ will use a variety of coding techniques as they find the activities in the well-guarded Atrium, the haunted Library and the high-voltage Dungeon Laboratory. Trixie the Shadow Cat also helps along the way, sharing tips on where to find the hidden ‘tricks.’

“We want to treat everyone to some Halloween coding tricks,” says Grant Smith, VP of Education. “Costumes and candy are great, but why not add some coding into the mix? Kids – and parents – can explore coding techniques such as loops, sequences and music composition as they discover the hidden tricks within the ‘Castle of Code and Curiosities.'”

Sarah Bannon, Curriculum Developer at Code Ninjas, adds, “The activities range from learning quick tools to creating mini games. They are great for all kids, even those without previous coding experience.”

In addition to the ‘Castle of Code and Curiosities,’ many Code Ninjas locations are planning special Halloween events as part of their ongoing, system-wide Operation:Dojo initiative. Check your local Code Ninjas to learn more about how they are supporting their communities, while providing interactive learning opportunities to local kids.

“The ‘Castle of Code and Curiosities’ experience goes far beyond the Code Ninjas Dojo. We want to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about coding through games and fun activities,” says Justin Nihiser, CEO of Code Ninjas.

Children and adults can enjoy the ‘Castle of Code and Curiosities’ through October.

Everything about Code Ninjas is built around fun, which keeps kids coming back. The curriculum is self-paced, but not self-taught; kids get immediate help and encouragement from Code Senseis and fellow ninjas as they advance from white to black belt, on the nine-belt program that makes up Code Ninjas CREATE. Younger kids can take part in Code Ninjas JR, and all ages are able to take part in summer camps instilling the problem solving and critical thinking skills into the innovators of tomorrow.

You can learn more about Code Ninjas here: https://www.codeninjas.com/

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