Online school iCademy Middle East experiences fivefold growth

June 5, 2020

Enrolments to attend online school iCademy Middle East have increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic

Online school iCademy Middle East experiences fivefold growth

iCademy Middle East is an online school that has been operating in the region since 2007.  Enrolments to attend the school have surged during the Covid-19 pandemic as parents seek an alternative home schooling model.  Its business is profiting from having an established online model which consists of online teachers and a portal through which pupils can communicate and collaborate with each other.  Many parents are overwhelmed by the demands of home learning and schools such as iCademy Middle East are setup to remove this stress.

iCademy Middle East follows the American curriculum and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  It is licensed by the Knowledge Human and Development Authority (KHDA) and has an office in Knowledge Village.  The school operates entirely online with certified teachers providing synchronous live lessons and virtual activities.  Over 600 students are being educated through the platform in the current academic year.

The KHDA stated that schools in Dubai are scheduled to reopen in September.  It is likely that iCademy Middle will benefit from further enrolments as parents hedge their bets on whether schools will actually reopen as planned.  It is also anticipated that some will seek alternatives due to the anxiety associated with sending their children back to school, should social distancing rules be in place.  The high cost of private school fees in the Emirate is also a factor and iCademy Middle is offering discounts in an attempt to attract more parents to its school.

“ Parents are now being a bit more critical about how things are going in their brick and mortar school. They’re looking around to see if there is somebody else actually doing this full-time.  I would say that enrolments are up significantly, especially in this last month. We’ve had the parents who have made the change from the brick and mortar schools to us, giving it a run, and it’s been quite successful. ” Cody Claver, General Manager, iCademy Middle East

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