New EdTech Accelerator launched by EDUCATE Ventures

June 23, 2021

The UK’s leading research-led EdTech accelerator recently launched a new EdTech Accelerator with partners F6S and BESA

New EdTech Accelerator launched by EDUCATE Ventures

EDUCATE Ventures Research, working with its partners F6S and the British Educational Suppliers’ Association (BESA), has selected an initial group of developers who are ready to consider how best to design and build their EdTech tool with the use of high-quality research of what works best in teaching and learning.

The EDUCATE programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the new name for what was EDUCATE, formerly a UCL Knowledge Lab-based organisation which worked with more than 270 EdTech companies between 2017 and 2019, making it one of the leading EdTech accelerators in the world.

Its unique approach aims to link developers with educators and researchers forming a “golden triangle” through which effective teaching and learning resources are created. That same ethos and dynamic will continue in the new EDUCATE programme, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies.

The first cohort includes EdTech companies involved in child mindfulness, virtual classrooms and the teaching of physics using AI.

In the immediate term, the programme will be delivered online with the prospect of increased face-to-face training as Covid restrictions ease over time.

Professor Rose Luckin, EDUCATE’s director, said: “During the past year, EdTech companies have been incredibly busy meeting the needs of schools, learners and families as they had to adjust overnight to new ways of teaching and learning. We do not underestimate the baptism of fire this was for everyone.

“Now we are coming out of the Covid restrictions, EdTech designers and developers can take another look at their products and consider how they can perfect their work or start to formulate their idea they’ve spotted as a gap in the market into a product. With their wealth of expertise and experience, our researchers and business mentors will be on hand to guide and support them.

“This is an exciting time for EDUCATE Ventures as we return to doing what we do best — working with the UK’s most promising and innovative EdTech developers.”

Dr Becky Sage, EDUCATE’s Director of Acceleration, said: “As an EDUCATE programme Alumni myself I know first-hand how much value the programme can add. EdTech company founders, team members and the learners all benefit when we embed research mindedness and lean methodologies into the development of EdTech products.

“This new round of the EDUCATE Accelerator couldn’t come soon enough for both mature and early stage EdTech companies. Whilst this has been a tumultuous year for education, there has been a lot of learning and growth in the EdTech sector and we are ready to give companies the support they need to create effective education products.”

Caroline Wright, Director General of BESA, said: “Evidence of the educational impact of EdTech products and resources is vital to help aid suppliers improve and further develop the efficacy and effectiveness of their service offer. It is fantastic to be able to offer them free help and support via the EDUCATE programme to help them develop their knowledge and understanding in the field of educational research.”

Sean Kane, F6S CEO and Cofounder said: “F6S is the leading global EdTech network with more than 35,000 education companies, corporates and investors. EDUCATE 2.0 is a fantastic opportunity to work with our partners and deliver growth to innovative London founders and start-ups.

“The mentoring and business advice we will provide EdTech founders will not only lead them to develop greater value products, but also to grow and scale up their business by increasing their investment in R&D as well as build their capacity to raise investment. They will also benefit from being part of the largest start-up, founder and investor community.”

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