Learning Labs secures £500,000 investment to develop its language learning platform

June 3, 2020

Birmingham EdTech firm Learning Labs has secured £500,000 in funding to develop its language learning platform

language learning

Learning Labs has secured £500,000 in funding from existing investors, as well as £250,000 from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) to develop its language learning platform.  This fund, which is managed by venture capital firm Midven, will help Learning Labs expand into new markets and develop new products.

Founded in 2013, Learning Labs developed FlashSticks, a series of post it notes to help people learn foreign languages.  These were sold in popular retail stores such as WHSmith.  Following the success of this product, the founders, Veejay Lingiah and Richard Allen released FlashAcademy, a language learning platform featuring 45 different languages.

“ This investment through Midven and MEIF will enable the business to support the tremendous growth and development that we are seeing with FlashAcademy…Within the last few weeks, we have seen an upsurge of more than 20,000 new students being added to the platform as schools and colleges seek out engaging distance learning solutions to maintain learning progress during the covid-19 lockdown. ” Veejay Lingiah, CEO, Learning Labs

FlashAcademy is used by hundreds of thousands of students and adults around the world.  The software incorporates games and adaptive technology to make the learning experience more engaging and personalised.  Beyond education it is also being used in the workplace by companies such as Jaguar and BAM construction to help migrant workers learn English.

“ Learning Labs is a great addition to our MEIF portfolio. By engaging the pupils, the platform helps ensure that they are completing the curriculum while improving their language proficiency.  The importance of this is more prevalent than ever before as a prime concern for pupils during the COVID-19 lockdown is that they may fall behind in their curriculum. ” Giovanni Finocchio, Investment Director, Midven

You can learn more about Learning Labs by following this link: https://www.learning-labs.co.uk/