Guide Education ready for expansion

September 4, 2020

Entering its third year as a technology company, Guide Education are proud to have been able to support hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in a variety of ways, individually and at a whole school level.

Guide Education ready for expansion

After the acquisition of their teacher training sector of the business by Osiris Educational, Guide Education staff will focus more closely to their technological roots.

Head of Development Andrew Croxall said: ‘There were heated discussions about our future and we decided ultimately, in order to make the most impact worldwide, we needed to continue to invest in our technology and democratise education and training in as many countries, sectors and interest ranges as possible.’

Guide Education will now be taking their proven methodology, after training and developing thousands of teachers, into other sectors starting with medical training and influencer mentoring.

On changing focus, Sam Stockman, Head of Content, added ‘We’ve found that our tool is really a perfect blended version for a variety of industries where specific asynchronous coaching and mentoring are really needed. We had been seeing this in our MVP run-outs and small test cases throughout the last year, but Covid related changes to business have really sped up the adoption of our technology and processes in many sectors.”

The step by step process of video watching, interaction, replication/ execution and feedback is a key driver for the wide use case of the Guide client base. Though the heart of the product will always remain education focused, the breadth of what ‘Education’ means will become far wider.

Alongside the revenue and acquisition funds raised in the multi-million pound Osiris merger, Guide have raised another £1.7 Million (Sterling) from international investors as they look to expand their reach and develop their technological capabilities.

You can learn more about Guide Education here:

“ The word ‘teaching’ has a different meaning depending on the context you’re in…In a factory it’s different to the C-suite, in a church it’s different to a primary school, in an AA meeting, and it’s different to butcher’s apprentice. But these instances and in all we’ve seen through the use cases of various clients, be they schools, eyebrow shaping influencers, surf instructors to name but a few… the key focus in all use cases is how effectively feedback is given. This is the key differentiating factor in how well people can ‘perform’ and ‘improve’ in any given area. The coach or mentor’s feedback is essential. Our future lies in making that as simple and effective as possible.” Leon Hady, Founder, Guide Education