EdTech will be vital for the effective and efficient running of schools in the future

September 5, 2020

According to new research, EdTech will be essential for schools to succeed in the future. 

EdTech will be vital for the effective and efficient running of schools in the future

More than nine out of ten respondents to a survey said the ability to access data — financial, student, asset, HR and payroll — and to manage school operations remotely will be vital for the efficient running of schools in the new “normal”.  

The software company IRIS surveyed more than 400 headteachers and finance managers from multi academy trusts (MATs) and found that schools that had implemented EdTech before the pandemic were in the best position to cope in the lockdown period and could switch more easily to digital learning.

Its report, Digital Parent engagement in the next normal, found that more than eight out of ten chief finance officers working in MATs believed that software to facilitate remote learning for students will be fundamental in ensuring the smooth running of schools in the next academic year. Nearly half (49%) also strongly believed that software to facilitate remote working for office staff would be essential.

While many schools were still evaluating the financial implications of the lockdown, one in five planned to move to cashless systems and 18% intended to invest more in cloud services.

The survey found that the digital transformation in education was being driven as much by health and safety as the desire to streamline processes and become more efficient. Eighty three percent of respondents said reducing cash on school grounds was a priority in ensuring the health and safety of staff, and two in five (40%) believe moving to paper-free office and classroom environments will also help keep staff and students safe from the virus.

Winston Poyton, Senior Product Director for Education at IRIS Software commented on the findings, “The education sector is preparing for a complete digital shift in operations as we enter the next normal. MATs and schools are finally seeing online tools and software as a necessity and not a nice to have. ”

“Remote working, home schooling and the closure of schools have been a real test for the sector. However, those who have invested in the tools and software to streamline processes and maintain engagement with parents and pupils have been able to manage the effects of the pandemic smoothly. ”

“As we head into the next normal, there must be a continued rise in the use of technology and software across education.”

You can learn more about EdTech here: https://global-edtech.com/edtech-definitions-products-and-trends/


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