EdTech and online safety platform classroom.cloud now integrates with MYCONCERN

September 28, 2021

Classroom.cloud, an online safety platform now integrates with MYCONCERN to further protect students when learning online

EdTech and online safety platform classroom.cloud now integrates with MYCONCERN

EdTech company NetSupport today announced that its newest online safety platform for teaching, classroom management and safeguarding, classroom.cloud, now integrates with MYCONCERN.

Students’ learning environments have revolutionised over the past few months, with many reaping the benefits of being able to study both at school and remotely, learn at their own pace and engage in interactive online resources. Consequently, keeping young people safe online as they learn is more challenging than ever, as their digital word is more accessible and the risks forever changing.

To help identify and monitor vulnerable students at all times – and, critically, in any location, schools can now directly and securely integrate their MYCONCERN account with classroom.cloud.

When a student then triggers a safeguarding keyword or phrase in classroom.cloud, it is captured immediately as an ‘event’, and where appropriate, safeguarding staff can simply link it to a student in their MYCONCERN account. With the help of contextual intelligence, the triggered event details the device used, time of day, websites visited/applications used and previous alert history (along with any captured screenshots or screen recordings), to help determine the true severity level of the event. Now, safeguarding staff can view the event in both classroom.cloud and MYCONCERN – helping ensure vulnerable students don’t slip through the net.

Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport, comments, “With this extra integration to classroom.cloud, schools gain a comprehensive solution to monitoring and supporting students as they use school devices across a range of applications and environments, ensuring any students identified, will receive the appropriate support and are protected against slipping through the cracks.”

Martin Baker, CEO of The Safeguarding Company, comments, “We are very happy to be integrating with classroom.cloud. Here at The Safeguarding Company, we are passionate about keeping children safe. This integration further allows our schools to be able to safeguard their children and be able to swiftly action appropriate support. It will also allow our teachers to refer concerns to the DSL without having to duplicate any information, saving time, which could be of the essence when it comes to safeguarding.”

About classroom.cloud

Already deployed by schools and Ministries of Education across the world, classroom.cloud provides award-winning teaching, classroom management and safeguarding tools. From screen sharing and monitoring (all within one environment) to remote control and assessment tools, classroom.cloud makes it easy to lead learning in classrooms and with remote learners, while creating a safe learning environment.

For more information, visit https://classroom.cloud/

About MYCONCERN from The Safeguarding Company

MYCONCERN is the Queens Award-winning safeguarding solution used by thousands of schools across the UK and around the world. MYCONCERN enables early intervention by helping to identify patterns and trends through centralised, secure record keeping and case management. The platform gives peace of mind to teachers and safeguarding leads and is a powerful tool for school leaders to demonstrate the effectiveness of their pastoral support arrangements to inspectors and other stakeholders. For more information, visit www.thesafeguardingcompany.com/myconcern/

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